UK Results: 1996

1996 results

23rd London Open 29/12/96 - 01/01/97

150 players attended the 23rd London Open sponsored again by Hitachi. 92 players were from the UK and of the rest there were 11 French and 19 Germans (most of the latter winning prizes). As last year the GP points were awarded after 6 rounds when the top four players were selected to play knockout. The 10 GP placings went to Guo Juan, Lee Hyuk, Zhang, Danek, S.J.Kim, Macfadyen, Goddard, S. Bae, Cocke and von Arnim. In the semi-finals Guo beat Zhang and Lee beat Danek. In an exciting half-point final game Guo Juan won to claim the 1000 pound prize with a perfect 8/8. Lee was second, Matthew Macfadyen scraped up to third and equal fourth were Danek, Bae and von Arnim. Shutai Zhang was unplaced losing to Lee, Guo twice and Danek in round 8. British Prize winners were Martin Smith (1 kyu) on 6/8, Mike Charles (2 dan) on 5/8, Jim Clare (3 dan) on 5/8. Youth prizes went to David King (1 kyu), Youngik Kim, Samantha Hughes, Jessica Ballyntine and Abigail Molyneux (all from Brakenhale).

The Lightning was won by Lee Hyuk from Shutai Zhang and Jim Sadler (1 kyu). The rengo was won by E.Warkentin/A.Wettach/A.Knippel/ V.Bayle. 13x13 prize winners were Jo Hampton, Andrew Grant and Francis Roads. There were also prizes in the guess the move competition and many more in the lucky prize draw. A survey on the popularity of 1 stone in five minutes as the first over time period showed about 70% in its favour.

West Surrey Handicap 07/12/96

Three of the 50 players present at Burpham Village Hall won all their games: Alistair Brooks (27 kyu Swindon), France Ellul (3 kyu High Wycombe) and winner T.Mark Hall (4 dan Bristol). The runner up was Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester). The others on 3/4 were Messrs Rickard, Atkins, Mills, Wright, Clarke, Weeks, Ashing, Talyansky, Farimond, Ing, Edwards and Jessica Ballyntine. Anna Griffiths and Tony Atkins won the BGJ-based quiz. Elinor Brooks (7 kyu Swindon) won the 13x13. The previous day over 25 pupils learnt from the dan experts at the teaching day (though of course the dans learnt a thing or two as well).

Swindon 24/11/96

86 players took part in the Swindon held, as last year, in the Allied Dunbar Club. Winner was T.Mark Hall (4 dan Bristol). Due to confusion at the prize giving some won prizes who should not have, but the genuine 3/3s were Paul Clarke (3 kyu High Wycombe), Mike Talyansky (12 kyu High Wycombe), Darrell Sturley (20 kyu Monmouth), Yvonne Margetts (21 kyu Epsom Downs) and Youngik Kim (30 kyu Brakenhale). Youngik also won the 13x13 and Jiri Keller (2 kyu CLGC) won the lightning. A special prize for the youngest player went to Annabel Barnard (the organiser's daughter).

Three Peaks 09/11/96-10/11/96

40 players spent the weekend in the delightful Yorkshire Moors playing go at the Marton Arms. There were joint winners: Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead) won 4/5 (losing to Alex Selby) and Hennie Groot-Lipman (1 dan Reading) won 5/5 (he did not play Alistair). Young Philip Marshall (20 kyu IOM) won 4/5 as did Yvonne Margetts (21 kyu Epsom Downs).

Wessex 27/10/96

106 players battled through the drizzle to a newly refurbished Marlborough Town Hall for the 27th Wessex. Winner was John Rickard of Cambridge (4 dan) whose stamina coped with the four rounds and the end of summer time. The other 9 division prizes (engraved tankards) went to: Jo Hampton (2 dan West Wales); John Hobson (1 dan Bath); Christian Scarff (1 kyu Swindon); Jackie Chai (2 kyu Bournemouth); Paul Clarke (3 kyu High Wycombe); David Stephenson (6 kyu HP Bristol); Pete Johnson (8 kyu Hursley); Keith Osborne (12 kyu Reading); Michael Talyanski (15 kyu High Wycombe). Of these winners divisions 5, 8, 9 and 10 won all 4 games. Not surprisingly, High Wycombe won the team prize. Young Carl Bate (25 kyu Brakenhale) won the Fred Guyatt prize for 13x13. Both Jackie and Christian qualified for the 1997 Candidates' Tournament.

International Teams 13/10/97

Seven teams of six players played in this event held at the Nippon Club in London. Unfortunately there was no Korean team and the Chinese had to borrow a few of the weaker Londoners. Playing for the first time Reading surprised themselves by winning 16/24 games to take the trophy. Second on 13 points were Nippon 1, Nippon 2 and CLGC 2; Wanstead got 12, CLGC 1 got 10 and China 8. The only player to win four was Shutai Zhang (7 dan China). Those on 3/4 were K. Okubo, B. Okamura, N. Uda, H. Naka, U. Nagoa, Piers Shepperson, David Ward, Martin Smith, Andrew Jones, Jim Clare, Tony Atkins, Simon Goss and Clive Hendrie.

Shrewsbury 06/10/96

The sighting of a kingfisher on the adjacent River Severn must have been an omen as the reign of Leamington Club at the top of this event finally came to an end. Matthew Macfadyen did not defend his title as he had played Shutai Zhang in a title match the previous day and Des Cann did not come either. Leamington's hope laid with Toby Manning (3 dan), but he dropped a game as did Wanstead 4 dan Alistair Wall. This left two 2 dans in the final: Bob Bagot of Manchester and Jo Hampton of West Wales. It was the latter who went away with the go ban trophy, but Leamington were consoled by the Midland Muddlers winning the team trophy. Tankards for those of the 40 players who won 3/3 went to Kunio Kashiwagi (1 dan Bradford), Henry Segerman (6 kyu Manchester) and Jamie Harrod (12 kyu Brakenhale).

Bank of China Cup London 22/09/96

Thanks to very generous sponsorship by the Bank of China, this tournament was able to be held in empty office space in the London Branch in Cannon Street. A very nice buffet lunch was provided and all entrants came away with a free compact disc and details of the bank's services. 88 players was a lucky number, but it was not so lucky for the sponsors who were not among the prize winners. Another unusual feature was the McMahon bar being set a five dan not the usual four. Winner was Shutai Zhang (7 dan) taking the cup and cash prize. Second place on 3/3 also was Harold Lee (4 dan CLGC), third was H. Nishikawa (4 dan Nippon) and fourth was T.Mark Hall (4 dan Bristol). Prizes went to all on two wins and the following on 3/3: Alex Selby (2 dan Cambridge), Vic Morrish (1 kyu CLGC), Martin Smith (1 kyu Middlesex), Jackie Chai (3 kyu Bournemouth), George Haig (10 kyu Swindon), Denis Rowntree (13 kyu Baldock), Andrea Smith (15 kyu Cambridge) and Nicola Hurden (22 kyu Brakenhale). Cambridge won the team prize.

Milton Keynes 14/09/96

56 players attended the Open University for this years tournament, though only a few were wise enough to play their games outside in the sun. Winner was T.Mark Hall (4 dan Bristol). Others on 3/3 were Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading), Alex Selby (2 dan Cambridge), Geoff Kaniuk (2 kyu CLGC), Joe Beaton (5 kyu Furze Platt) and George Haig (10 kyu Swindon). Elinor Brooks (8 kyu Swindon) won 2.5/3. Also thanks to the tournament subsidy prizes were awarded to the large number of players on 2/3. Prizes also went to the winners in the youth writing and drawing competition: Laura Coe, Neil Ings and Anna Griffiths.

Northern 07/09/96-08/09/96

The annual two day go bash at Manchester had an entry of 57 plus a couple more who went to see the sights of the North-west rather than playing. In an exciting finish three top players ended up on 5/6 having beaten one of the others. On tie break Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington) behind the two 4 dans who were joint winners: T.Mark Hall (Bristol) and Matthew Cocke (Norwich). Other prize winners for 4/6 were: Peter Yim (1 kyu Manchester), Ed Blockley (2 kyu Malvern), John Walsh (4 kyu Manchester), Richard Thompson (6 kyu Leicester), Mike Vidler (6 kyu Manchester), Adam Atkinson (9 kyu Brighton), Tom Summerscales (9 kyu Culcheth), Jason Fisher (12 kyu Manchester) and Adrian Abrahams (15 kyu). A special prize went to Catherine Schille (25 kyu Chester) for beating all within 11 grades of herself.

Epsom Downs Wedding 10/08/96

At the double small board event to celebrate the marriage of Paul Margetts and Yvonne Mao the winner from the 18 go players was Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead) with 5/5. best of the 15 guests was Nick K from Derby with 4/4.

Devon 13/07/96

24 players attended the second Devon, this year held at the Moorlands Hotel in Haytor Vale on the edge of Dartmoor. Winner was Thorstein Thorsteinsson who beat fellow Bristol 3 dan Antonio Moreno in the last round. Richard Helyer (12 kyu) from Oxford won 3/3. Best on 2/3 were Terry Wright (4 kyu Bristol) and Sarah Jackson (11 kyu Hursley). A special prize went to young Jimmy Mao (22 kyu from Bristol) who was playing in his first Tournament.

Welsh Open 29/06/96-30/06/96

42 players were in Barmouth for the fourth Welsh Open. As before the winner was Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington) winning all five. Second was Simon Shiu (3 dan Teesside) with four wins. Prize winners were for 5/5 Sean McPhail (15 kyu Cambridge) and Yvonne Mao (28 kyu Epsom Downs); for 4/5 Francis Weaver (10 kyu Brakenhale), France Ellul (3 kyu Brakenhale), Steve Jones (3 kyu Isle of Man); for 3.5/5 Martin Harvey (2 kyu Chester). Richard Thompson (6 kyu Leicester) won the continuous lightning. Best team were Leamington. Other prizes went to France Ellul and John Herman for managing a triple ko, Brian Timmins for the first entry, Charles Leedham-Green for not entering, Graham Brooks for playing early so someone could leave, Sue Pitchford for helping the organiser, Bob Brooks for "being" Francis Roads and Paul Margetts and Yvonne Mao for getting engaged. Neil Ings (20 kyu Brakenhale) and Ed Blockley (2 kyu Worcester) also got prizes for making their opponents happy.

Pair Go 23/06/96

25 male-female pairs of all aged attended the British Pair Go Championships at the Crossroads Hotel in Weedon Northamptonshire. The top eight British Pairs played for the title. Winners were Alison Jones and Tony Atkins, playing together at short notice because Edmund Shaw had flu. Alison Cross and John McLeod currently have the most points towards winning the next British place in the World Pairs. A was a good day for Alisons as Alison Ewers and David Woodnutt won three wins in the handicap sections, as did Yvonne Mao and Paul Margetts. Best-dressed couples were Anna Griffiths/Simon Rudd, Emma Gale/Paul Hyman (juniors), Jennifer Healey/Matthew Macfadyen (mixed age). A special prize for coordination went to Elinor Brooks/France Ellul. The most compatible couple based on a questionnaire were Teruko Taguchi/ Simon Bexfield. Chocolate hearts were awarded to those who drove kids there and to those with witty questionnaire answers: Des Cann, Sally Prime, Alison Cross, James Harrod, Paul Margetts and France Ellul.

Leicester 15/06/96

58 players attended Leicester this year. The second annual quiz was won this year by the AJAx team that was mostly Tony Atkins. Des Cann (4 dan Leamington) collected a paper replica of the trophy and first prize. Players getting prizes for three were: Baron Allday (1 kyu West Wales), John Gardner (8 kyu Culcheth), Chris McConkey (10 kyu Birmingham), Tom Somerscales (10 kyu Culcheth), Dave Grimster (15 kyu Brakenhale) and Dave Knight (20 kyu Epsom Downs). Not surprisingly, Culcheth won the team prize with a score of about 90 percent.

Challenger's Tournament 08/06/96-09/06/96

16 players met at the Nippon Club in London for the new style seeded Swiss Tournament. Winner was Matthew Macfadyen who will have a chance to challenge Shutai Zhang for the British Championship again. On three wins were Matthew Cocke, John Rickard, Charles Matthews and Des Cann. Best on two were Francis Roads, Piers Shepperson and T. Mark Hall.

Ladies 01/06/96

7 of the best British women and the girls' champion met for a three round Swiss at the Nippon Club, played alongside the monthly Japanese tournament. Winner was Alison Cross, the artist from London, who beat top graded player Alison Jones in the last round.

Scottish Open 25/05/96-26/05/96

26 players made their way to Edinburgh in time the tournament. It was only the organiser, Stephen Tweedie, who arrived a day late. Thankfully his wife was there to get the event under way. Winner on six wins was Cambridge's John Rickard (4 dan). Francis Roads (Wanstead 4 dan) was second on four wins, having also lost to Tony Atkins (Reading 2 dan) who was third. Richard Philp (4 kyu) from Dundee won five wins. Simon Marlow (2 kyu Glasgow) and Chris Gathercole (15 kyu Scotland) also won four.

Bracknell 11/05/96

66 players attended this year's Bracknell. Jim Clare (3 dan Reading) won the event again after a gap of years. Others on 3 wins were Art McKendrick (1kyu Edinburgh), Paul Clarke (4 kyu High Wycombe), Mike Cobbett (6 kyu Hursley), Paul Hyman (16 kyu Brakenhale) abd Steve Smith (23 kyu Hursley). Best on 2/3 were Antonio Moreno (3 dan Bristol), Francis Weaver (10 kyu Brakenhale) and Sarah Jackson (12 kyu Hursley). Oliver Edwards (29 kyu High Wycombe) won the continuous 13x13 prize.

Not the Candidates' 05/04/96-06/04/96

33 different people had an enjoyable time at the last tournament to be held at the IVC in Covent Garden. Nobody did well enough on the first day to win a prize and in the end all with 4 or 3 wins out of 6 were awarded prizes at the end of the second day. On 4 were Vic Morrish, Geoff Kaniuk, Jiri Keller, Richard Mullens, Lena Morrish; 3 wins: Gerhard Stetner, Phil Achard, Roger Daniel, J-P. Schille and Laura Coe.

Candidates' 04/05/96-06/04/96

26 players attended the Cambridge University Centre over the May Bank Holiday. It was comfortable, quiet and sunny for punting. Winning all 6 games was T.Mark Hall. Winning 5 were Bill Brakes, Alan Thornton, Alistair Wall. On 4: Andrew Jones, Charles Matthews, Alex Selby, Matthew Holton, John Rickard. On 3: Francis Roads, Alison Jones and David Woodnutt. These 12 all play in the new Challenger's Tournament on 08/06/96 and 09/06/96 at the Nippon Club. Reserves are Colin Adams and Alex Rix.

British Go Congress 12/04/96-14/04/96

The 29th British Go Congress was hosted by Teesside Club at van Mildert Hall, University of Durham. 78 players took part. T. Mark Hall won the lightning beating Jo Beaton in the final. Best team was Reading. Winner was Alex Rix, second T.Mark Hall, third Paul Smith. Prizes went for 5 wins to Laura Coe (15 kyu Brakenhale) and Adam Atkinson (10 kyu Hove); for 4.5 to Barry Chandler (2 kyu Reading).

TTTTTT 08/04/96

Held at Burpham Village Hall in West Surrey, Tony's Tideless Thames and Tributaries Team Tournament attracted 9 teams. Reading regained the Broken Go Stone trophy through beating Royal Standard in the last round. Second were Brakenhale A and West Surrey. Those unbeaten were Paul Hyman, Steve Brooker, Tony Atkins and as usual Jim Clare. Winner of the 10x10 was Tony Atkins ahead of Alistair Wall and Jeremy Hawdon.

Coventry 24/03/96

Highlight of the Coventry Tournament was a lunch talk by Matthew Macfadyen on how to succeed at Pair Go. Matthew also succeeded in the tournament, winning the first prize. Others on 3 wins were Alan Thornton (2 dan Stevenage), Jo Hampton (2 dan West Wales), Clive Wright (1 dan Notts), Tony Warburton (1 dan Cambridge), Robin Upton (1 kyu Leamington), Henry Segerman (11 kyu Manchester), James Harrod (15 kyu Brakenhale), Ged Farrimond (15 kyu) Epsom Downs, Dave Grimster (17 kyu Brakenhale). The best teams were Leamington Spa A and the Three Amigos from Brakenhale. 13x13 winners were David Bennett of Culcheth and Richard Helyer of Oxford (both 12 kyu).

Cambridge 24/02/96

Two events were held on the same day at the University Centre. The first was a beginners event with 16 players. David Vandy won 6/6, Patrick Ribbands 5/6, Frank Visser and David Good 4/6, but all these were deemed too old to win prizes so these went to Jonathan Artus 4/6, Louise Good and Adam Eckersley-Waites 3/6, Carl Bate and Tom Eckersley-Waites 2/6. In the main event 64 players competed for the Trigantius title. Cambridge Club cleaned up the prizes. The Cambridge Untouchables won the team prize; John Rickard (4 dan) won the title; Mark Dalgano (7 kyu), Matthew Woodcraft (10 kyu), Andrea Smith (18 kyu), Sean McPhail (20 kyu) and Ralph Beckett (20 kyu) all won prizes. They did allow Simon Goss (1 dan Bracknell), Alan Williamson (4 kyu Burgess Hill) and Richard Mullens (5 kyu Stevenage) to win a prize and awarded the kyu player prize to Gary Quinn (1 kyu Teesside). 13x13 winner was Nick Wedd (1 kyu Oxford) with 4 wins.

Oxford 18/02/96

Freud's Cafe, a former Victorian classical church, provided a unique venue for the Oxford Tournament; entry included five pounds of food vouchers. Also unusual was the paired entry of Matthew Macfadyen and Kirsty Healey and the use of Handtalk program to make an even number. Also unusual was the jigo in the final round between the top players Piers Shepperson (5 dan Slough) and Edmund Shaw (5 dan Reading); the organisers said this was not good enough for either of them to win and awarded the first prize to Andrew Jones (3 dan Wanstead) who started below the McMahon bar. The organiser later apologised for his slight error. The best of the 98 players were: Alan Thornton (2 dan Stevenage), Henry Groop-Lipman (1 dan Reading), qualifier Baron Allday (1 kyu West Wales), Nick Allday (4 kyu Oxford), Richard Mullens (6 kyu Stevenage), Paul Rogers (8 kyu CLGC), Francis Weaver (11 kyu Brakenhale), Simon Brooks (12 kyu Swindon), Andrea Smith (20 kyu Cambridge), Richard Trefler (25 kyu Oxford) and Henry Braun (25 kyu Oxford). Paul Margetts and James Harrod won prizes for 13x13. All those on zero could claim a booby prize if they could understand the German announcer.

Wanstead 03/02/96

This did not clash with the go skiing trip this year so Alison Jones was able to organise the 66 players. Winner was Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington). Others on 4/4 were Francis Weaver (13 kyu Brakenhale) and Andrea Smith (23 kyu Cambridge). Those winning 3 were: Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead), T.Mark Hall (4 dan London), Paul Smith (2 dan Cambridge), Simon Goss (1 dan Bracknell), Helen Harvey (1 kyu Chester), Baron Allday (1 kyu West Wales), Dave Artus (1 kyu CLGC), Tony Warburton (1 kyu Cambridge), Steve Bailey (2 kyu W Surrey), France Ellul (3 kyu High Wycombe), Richard Mullens (6 kyu Stevenage), Thomas Wolf (8 kyu CLGC), Emma Marchant (11 kyu Brakenhale), J.P. Schille (15 kyu Chester), Daniel Dowling (16 kyu Brakenhale), Sam Hughes (21 kyu Brakenhale). Two Brakenhale teams shared the team prize. Sam Hughes won the 13x13 and the best results in the lunch time youth exam were Sam Hughes, Francis Weaver and Carl Bate.

Schools/Youth 21/01/96

Brakenhale hosted this again this year and won the Castledine Trophy and the lightning competition unchallenged. Youth champion was local 1kyu David King. Age group winners/runners-up were: U18 David King/-; U16 Anna Griffiths/Tom Summerscales; U14 Emma Marchant/Jamie Harrod; U12 Thomas Blockley/Sam Hughes; U10 Sophia Ellul. Handicap winners were Francis Weaver & Neil Ings (5/6) and Graham and Alistair Brooks (4/6). 13x13 prizes went to David King and Daniel Dowling for 4/4 and David Bennett for 7/9.

Furze Platt 20/01/96

80 players attended the tournament held at Hitachi Europe's headquarters in Maidenhead. Winner was Harold Lee. Thanks to the sponsor, all got prizes, but those with 3/3 were: Simon Goss (1 dan Bracknell), Steve Bailey (2 kyu W. Surrey), Bill Streeten (3 kyu CLGC), Wayne Walters (4 kyu Wanstead), Joe Beaton (6 kyu York), Ged Hoile (8 kyu High Wycombe), Tom Summerscales (12 kyu Culcheth), Ged Farrimond (15 kyu Epsom Downs), Tom Webber (23 kyu Culcheth), Sam Hughes (25 kyu Brakenhale), Oliver Edwards (35 kyu High Wycombe). Furze Platt won the team prize. 9x9 prize winners were David Knight (Epsom Downs), David Bennett (Culcheth), Sam Hughes and Ged Farrimond.


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