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by Category, Lan-Phi

LanBooks, Reading Japanese Go -Hunter, Richard**19939243-
LanChinese  19908023-
LanChinese Go Terms, Some - for Different Types of MoveTang Tong B.*1975304-
LanChinese-English Translation Guide  1975304-
LanEnglish-Chinese Translation Guide  1975304-
LanEnglish-Japanese Translation Guide  19701215
LanEnglish-Japanese Translation Guide  19939116-
LanEnglish-Japanese Translation Guide  19939244
LanEnglish-Japanese Translation Guide  19939252-
LanEnglish-Japanese Translation Guide  199510022-
LanGough, Gew or Geau?  199610520
LanGough, Gew or Geau?Roads, Francis*199610425
LanJapanese  1978427
LanJapanese  19877025-
LanJapanese  19908023
LanJapanese Go Books, Reading -Hunter, Richard**19939243-
LanJapanese Language Literature, All You Need to Know About ... - *19794611-
LanJapanese, Basic - for Reading Go Problem BooksHunter, Richard*199510022-
LanJapanese, Just Enough -Bremner, Louise*19939249-
LanJapanese, On Reading -Terry, Bob*19939116-
LanJapanese-English Translation Guide  19701215
LanJapanese-English Translation Guide  19939116-
LanJapanese-English Translation Guide  19939244
LanJapanese-English Translation Guide  19939252-
LanJapanese-English Translation Guide  199510022-
LanKanji *199710925-
LanKorean  19908023-
LanLong Jump (Toby), Go Notes by - *19773711
LanNihongo o Naraimasen ka?Roads, Francis*19877025-
LanOr Can't He?Chetwynd, Jonathan*19959832
LanTerms, Go -  19939116-
LanTranslation Guide, Chinese-English -  1975304-
LanTranslation Guide, Japanese-English -  19701215
LanTranslation Guide, Japanese-English -  19939116-
LanTranslation Guide, Japanese-English -  19939244
LanTranslation Guide, Japanese-English -  19939252-
LanTranslation Guide, Japanese-English -  199510022-
LanWhisper Protect?Chandler, Brian*19908023-
Lit3-3 Point, The -Cho Chikun 19928638
LitAll About Life and DeathCho Chikun 19939320
LitAlmanac, The Go Player's -Bozulich, Richard 19928825
LitAlmanac, The Go Player's -Bozulich, Richard 19928921
LitAlmanac, The Go Player's -Bozulich, Richard 1993909-
LitAlmanac, The Go Player's -Sutton, David**19928931
LitArt of Connecting Stones, The -Wu Piao et al 19971088
LitAttack and DefenseIshida Akira et al 19804822-
LitAttack And Kill, Kato's -Kato Masao 19908027
LitBasic Joseki, 38 -Kosugi K. et al 19732111
LitBasic Techniques of GoNagahara Y. et al 1970115
LitBeauty and the BeastMatthews, Charles*199811111
LitBeginners, Go for -Iwamoto Kaoru 19721813
LitBGA Instructional Leaflet  1978429
LitBGA Organisers' Handbook, The -  19825715
LitBGA Organisers' Handbook, The -  19835916
LitBGA Questionnaire **19939115
LitBGJ IndexBagot, Bob*199610234
LitBibliography of Western Go and Wei-ch'i Material, A Partial -Polkinghorne, Peter*19794619-
LitBook Review *19742412
LitBook Review *19804822-
LitBook Review *19835919
LitBook ReviewAtkins, Tony*19897433
LitBook ReviewBagot, Bob*19897515
LitBook ReviewBagot, Bob*19907821
LitBook ReviewBagot, Bob*19928638
LitBook ReviewBagot, Bob*19939029
LitBook ReviewBayliss, Gerald*1973207
LitBook ReviewErbach, Dave*19763113-
LitBook ReviewGrant, Andrew*19835827
LitBook ReviewHunter, Derek*19773718
LitBook ReviewMacfadyen, Matthew*19825627
LitBook ReviewMacfadyen, Matthew*19846214
LitBook ReviewMacfadyen, Matthew*19939320
LitBook ReviewPrescott, Paul*1975297-
LitBook ReviewPrescott, Paul*19763216
LitBook ReviewRoads, Francis*19721813
LitBook ReviewRoads, Francis*1974229
LitBook ReviewRoads, Francis*19928825
LitBook ReviewSutton, David*19732111
LitBook ReviewSutton, David*19742313
LitBook ReviewTilley, John*19731912-
LitBook ReviewWedd, Nick*19949528
LitBook Review: EmendationWedd, Nick*19949629
LitBook Reviews *19971077
LitBook Scene, The -Sutton, David*1977386-
LitBook SurveyMacfadyen, Matthew*199610538-
LitBook, A New - in English *196853
LitBook, Another New Go -Barrs, John*19701214
LitBook, Which -?Barrs, John*1970115
LitBreakthrough to Shodan, The -Cross, Alison**19763217
LitBritish Go Journal  1978417
LitBritish Go Journal  1978427
LitBritish Go Journal  19939115
LitBritish Go Journal  19939256
LitBritish Go Journal  19949434
LitBritish Go Journal  19951003
LitBritish Go Journal IndexFassbender, Jochen 199510116
LitBritish Go Journal IndexFassbender, Jochen 199610234
LitBritish Go Journal IndexFassbender, Jochen 19961039
LitBritish Go Journal, History of the -Roads, Francis**199510053-
LitCapture, Rescue and -Macfadyen, Matthew**199811021
LitChinese Opening, The -Kato Masao 19907821
LitChinese Opening, The -Kato Masao 19908134
LitChung KuoWingrove, David 199510145
LitComputer GoErbach, Dave 19876916
LitConnecting Stones & Ingenious PuzzlesMacfadyen, Matthew**19971088
LitConnecting Stones, The Art of -Wu Piao et al 19971088
LitDefense, Attack and -Ishida Akira et al 19804822-
LitEnclosure JosekisTakemiya Masaki 19835919
LitEndgame, Get Strong at the -Bozulich, Richard 199710836
LitEndgame, Get Strong at the -Hunter, Richard**19971077
LitEndgames, Mathematical Go -Berlekamp, E. et al 19949528
LitEndgames, Mathematical Go -Berlekamp, E. et al 19949629
LitEnglish Go Quote, Oldest -  19815321
LitErrataMacfadyen, Matthew*19928921
LitEuropean Go Championship 1976, Review: The -Matthews, Charles*19773510
LitEuropean Go Journal  199710745
LitFundamentals of Go, Lessons in the -Kageyama Toshiro 19794416
LitFundamentals of Go, The -Sutton, David*19794416
LitFuseki, Modern Joseki and -Sakata Eio 196853
LitFuseki, Modern Joseki and -Sakata Eio 1970115
LitFuseki, Modern Joseki and -Sakata Eio 19701214
LitFuseki, Modern Joseki and -Sakata Eio 199610314
LitGame of Wei-Chi, The -Fearnley, Harry*199610319
LitGame of Wei-Chi, The -Pecorini, Daniele et al 199510145
LitGames and PuzzlesPritchard, David B.*1975264
LitGet Strong at InvadingBozulich, Richard 19971088
LitGet Strong at JosekiMacfadyen, Matthew**199610440
LitGet Strong at the EndgameBozulich, Richard 199710836
LitGet Strong at the EndgameHunter, Richard**19971077
LitGo - A Guide to the GamePritchard, David B. 1974229
LitGo for BeginnersIwamoto Kaoru 19721813
LitGo MoonDijkema, Peter 19897621
LitGo PerspectiveNihon Ki-in 19783919
LitGo Player's Almanac, The -Bozulich, Richard 19928825
LitGo Player's Almanac, The -Bozulich, Richard 19928921
LitGo Player's Almanac, The -Bozulich, Richard 1993909-
LitGo Player's Almanac, The -Sutton, David**19928931
LitGo Player's Song Book, The -Hall, T. Mark**199710644
LitGo Proverbs IllustratedSegoe Kensaku 1970115
LitGo ReviewNihon Ki-in 196712
LitGo ReviewNihon Ki-in 1970115
LitGo ReviewNihon Ki-in 19949530
LitGo ReviewPindar, John*1976333
LitGo Theory, Proceedings of the IInd Seminar of Scientific -Heine, Klaus 19815119
LitGo TutorJones, David*19784311
LitGo TutorJones, David 19794413
LitGo TutorWebber, Nick 19825511
LitGo WorldPower, John 19773713
LitGo WorldPower, John 1986679
LitGo WorldPower, John 19949530
LitGo: International Handbook and DictionaryTilley, John 19711515
LitGolden OpportunitiesRin Kaiho 199610440
LitGreat Joseki Debates, The -Honda Kunihisa 19939029
LitHandbook, Go: International - and DictionaryTilley, John 19711515
LitHandicap GoNagahara Y. et al 19835827
LitHandicap GoNagahara Y. et al 19887219
LitHandicap Go, Kage's Secret Chronicles of -Kageyama Toshiro 19763113-
LitHandicap Go, Pro-Pro -Macfadyen, Matthew**19971077
LitHistory of the British Go JournalRoads, Francis**199510053-
LitHoninbo Tournament, The 1971 -Iwamoto Kaoru 19731912-
LitIn the BeginningIshigure Ikuro 19742313
LitIndex, British Go Journal -Fassbender, Jochen 199510116
LitIndex, British Go Journal -Fassbender, Jochen 199610234
LitIndex, British Go Journal -Fassbender, Jochen 19961039
LitIngenious Puzzles & Connecting StonesMacfadyen, Matthew**19971088
LitInstructional Leaflet, BGA -  1978429
LitInvading, Get Strong at -Bozulich, Richard 19971088
LitInvinciblePower, John 19825627
LitInvitation to GoFairbairn, John 19773718
LitJapanese FishermanWedd, Nick*19949433
LitJosekiSakata Eio 1970115
LitJoseki Debates, The Great -Honda Kunihisa 19939029
LitJoseki, 38 Basic -Kosugi K. et al 19732111
LitJoseki, Get Strong at -Macfadyen, Matthew**199610440
LitJoseki, Modern - and FusekiSakata Eio 196853
LitJoseki, Modern - and FusekiSakata Eio 1970115
LitJoseki, Modern - and FusekiSakata Eio 19701214
LitJoseki, Modern - and FusekiSakata Eio 199610314
LitJoseki, Whole Board Thinking in -Macfadyen, Matthew**199710645
LitJosekis, Enclosure -Takemiya Masaki 19835919
LitKage's Secret Chronicles of Handicap GoKageyama Toshiro 19763113-
LitKato's Attack And KillKato Masao 19908027
LitKido YearbookNihon Ki-in 19887327
LitKido Yearbook 1997Matthews, Charles*199811111
LitKill, Kato's Attack And -Kato Masao 19908027
LitKiller of GoSakata Eio 19949739
LitLearn to Play GoMatsui Akio et al 196711-
LitLectures on Go TechniquesCho Hun-hyun 19981126
LitLessons in the Fundamentals of GoKageyama Toshiro 19794416
LitLiberties, Counting - in The Second Book of GoHunter, Richard**199811021
LitLife and DeathDavies, James 19763216
LitLife and DeathDavies, James 19959830
LitLife and Death Puzzles, Ingenious -Macfadyen, Matthew*199710645
LitLife and Death Puzzles, Ingenious -Yang Yilun 19971088
LitLife and Death, All About -Cho Chikun 19939320
LitMaeda's Tsume-go Vol. 3Maeda Nobuaki 1975297-
LitMagazine, New Go -Sutton, David*19773713
LitMagic of Go, The -Cho Chikun 19897515
LitMaster Go in Ten DaysXu Xiang et al 199610440
LitMaster of Go, The -Kawabata Yasunari 1973207
LitMathematical Go EndgamesBerlekamp, E. et al 19949528
LitMathematical Go EndgamesBerlekamp, E. et al 19949629
LitMatsuda Go LettersMatsuda Takao 196712
LitMatsuda Go LettersMatsuda Takao 1970115
LitMatsuda Go LettersMatsuda Takao 1973206-
LitMatsuda Go LettersMatsuda Takao 1974234
LitModern Joseki and FusekiSakata Eio 196853
LitModern Joseki and FusekiSakata Eio 1970115
LitModern Joseki and FusekiSakata Eio 19701214
LitModern Joseki and FusekiSakata Eio 199610314
LitOfficial BGA Song Book, The -  19897621
LitOpening Theory Made EasyOtake Hideo 19939029
LitOrganisers' Handbook, The BGA -  19825715
LitOrganisers' Handbook, The BGA -  19835916
LitPower Builder  19981126
LitPower of the Star-Point, The -Takagawa Kaku 19897433
LitPower of the Star-Point, The -Takagawa Kaku 19908134
LitPrint, Go in -Walters, Wayne*199510145
LitPro-Pro Handicap GoMacfadyen, Matthew**19971077
LitProblem-Go fur FortgeschritteneMaeda Nobuaki 1975297-
LitProverbs Illustrated, Go -Segoe Kensaku 1970115
LitQuestionnaire, (BGA -) **19939115
LitQuibblesHall, T. Mark*1993909-
LitRanka YearbookOeda Yusuke 19907821
LitRating, What's Your -?Miyamoto Naoki 19763216
LitReading Newsletter  19742515
LitRenjuMacfadyen, Matthew*1981548
LitRescue and CaptureMacfadyen, Matthew**199811021
LitReviews *199811021
LitReviews *199811111
LitReviewsBagot, Bob et al*19949739
LitReviewsMacfadyen, Matthew*19981126
LitSecond Book of Go, Counting Liberties in The -Hunter, Richard**199811021
LitSecond Book of Go, The -Bozulich, Richard 199811021
LitSecond Book of Go, The -Macfadyen, Matthew*199811111
LitSeminar, Proceedings of the IInd - of Scientific Go TheoryHeine, Klaus 19815119
LitShelf, Go - *19897621
LitShibumiTrevanian 199610218
LitShodan, The Breakthrough to -Cross, Alison**19763217
LitSong Book, The Go Player's -Hall, T. Mark**199710644
LitSong Book, The Official BGA -  19897621
LitStar-Point, The Power of the -Takagawa Kaku 19897433
LitStar-Point, The Power of the -Takagawa Kaku 19908134
LitStrategic Concepts of GoNagahara Yoshiaki 19731912
LitStrategic Concepts of GoNagahara Yoshiaki 19742511-
LitStrength, Test Your Go -Miyamoto Naoki 19928638
LitStrength, Test Your Go -Miyamoto Naoki 1994955-
LitSuper Books, Review of the -Fairbairn, John*19773511-
LitSure Win?Hall, T. Mark*19908134
LitSwingoclepBarnard, Paul*19939310
LitTechniques, Basic - of GoNagahara Y. et al 1970115
LitTechniques, Lectures on Go -Cho Hun-hyun 19981126
LitTechniques, Vital - of GoNagahara Y. et al**19691014-
LitTest Your Go StrengthMiyamoto Naoki 19928638
LitTest Your Go StrengthMiyamoto Naoki 1994955-
LitTesuji and Anti-Suji of GoSakata Eio 199710619
LitTesuji and Anti-Suji of GoHampton, Jo et al*199610511
LitTojo, The Last BanzaiBrowne, Courtney 199510145
LitTournament Go 1992Power, John 199710619
LitTreasure Chest Enigma, The -Nakayama Noriyuki 19846214
LitVital Points of GoTakagawa Kaku 1970115
LitVital Techniques of GoNagahara Y. et al**19691014-
LitWanted: 51Roads, Francis*19949434
LitWay of Go, The -Lao Si Dan 19959951
LitWei QiTang Tong B.*19794621
LitWhat's Your Rating?Miyamoto Naoki 19763216
LitWhole Board Thinking in JosekiMacfadyen, Matthew**199710645
LitYoseKano Yoshinori 19742412
LitYutopian, New from - *199610440
MidJoseki, A Middle Game -Fairbairn, John**19773614-
MidJoseki, A Middle Game -Fairbairn, John**19783916-
MidJoseki, Middle Game -Fairbairn, John**19773719
MidMiddle Game JosekiFairbairn, John**19773719
MidMiddle Game Joseki, A -Fairbairn, John**19773614-
MidMiddle Game Joseki, A -Fairbairn, John**19783916-
MidMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -  199710618
MidMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. part 1Cho Chikun*19961034-
MidMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. part 2Cho Chikun*19961048-
MidMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. part 3Cho Chikun*19961058-
MidMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. part 4Cho Chikun*199710616-
MidMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. part 5Cho Chikun*199710714-
MidMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. part 6Cho Chikun*199710814-
MidMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. part 7Cho Chikun*199710910-
MidMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. part 8Cho Chikun*19981108-
MidMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. part 9Cho Chikun*19981118-
MidMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part 10Cho Chikun*19981128-
MidProblems  199510011
MidShimari, Fun with a -Matthews, Charles*19794515-
OGmChess  19918430
OGmChess  19918529-
OGmChess  19928644
OGmLiar Dice UnderwaterRoads, Francis*19949511
OGmMontcalm Hotel, Return to the -Roads, Francis*19928916
OGmMornington Crescent Tournament 1992  19928929
OGmShogi Championship 1992, European Open -  19928916
OGmShogi Confrontation  19939311
OGmShogi Magazine  19856518
OGmShogi Master  1992869-
OGmShogi Tournament 1990  19908136
OGmShogi, British and European -  19928916
OGmSide Event *19928929
OHsGo Schools  19928710-
OHsGodokoro  19928710-
OHsHoensha  1977369
OHsHoensha  19794614-
OHsHoensha  199610222-
OHsHoninbo School  19794614-
OHsHoninbo School  19928710-
OHsHoninbo School  199610222-
OHsSakaguchi School  1994955
PAmAdie, George  1980487
PAmAllen, Go Biography of John - *19742513-
PAmAnsell, Jeff (obit)  19856516
PAmBagot, Bob  199510040
PAmBarnes, Sue (obit) *1983603
PAmBarnes, Sue (obit)Hunter, Richard et al*19846113
PAmBarrs, John (obit) *1971131
PAmBarry, Dan  199610215
PAmBates, Jim  1980487
PAmBradford, From - to Japan *19961046
PAmBremner, Louise  19825511
PAmCanterbury, The Long Road to -Gardner, Sue*19928640-
PAmCastledine, Brian (obit)Macfadyen, Matthew*1979453
PAmDiamond, Jon  1978409
PAmDiamond, Jon  1978414-
PAmDowsey, Stuart  1980486
PAmDueball, Felix (obit)  1971135
PAmEnd of an Era *1978414-
PAmEpsom Downs, From China to - *19961047
PAmFink, Ervin  19783915
PAmFrench Go, The Master of -Timmins, Brian**199710822
PAmFuture ChampionMoore, J. A.*19752914
PAmGardner, Sue  19949511
PAmGegg, Sean (obit)  19804712
PAmGiant Leap for Go, A -Margetts, Paul*199610215
PAmGoss, Simon - Retires *19981127
PAmGoto, David  1980487
PAmGrant, Andrew  1980487
PAmGray, Geoffrey  1976336-
PAmGreenbury, Dr. - (obit)  19908038
PAmHarry, Anne  199710931
PAmHazelden, Tim (obit)Manning, Toby et al*19951015
PAmHigh, Bob (obit) *1993908
PAmHitchens, Bob - A Short Profile of the BGA's New PresidentManning, Toby**19763311
PAmHunter, Derek  19846317
PAmHunter, Go Biography of Derek - *19742312
PAmHunter, Richard  19825511
PAmIng, Mr - (obit)Hsiang, Thomas*199710837
PAmKilinc, Alpar (obit)  199510045
PAmKim Seong-June  199710848-
PAmKong Xiangming  1979446
PAmLasker, Edward  19773519
PAmLasker, Edward (obit)  19815318
PAmLim  199710822
PAmMacfadyen, Matthew  1980486
PAmMacfadyen, Matthew  19897439
PAmManning, Toby  1979458-
PAmManning, Toby  1980486
PAmMao, Yvonne  19961047
PAmMargetts, Paul  19961047
PAmMaster of French Go, The -Timmins, Brian**199710822
PAmMattern, Jurgen (obit)  199510045
PAmMills, Quentin *1980488
PAmMitchell, David  1977371-
PAmPhilp, Brian  1980486
PAmPresident, Bob Hitchens - A Short Profile of the BGA's New -Manning, Toby**19763311
PAmPresidential LetterManning, Toby*1979458-
PAmRix, Alex  19918538
PAmRoads, Francis *1971146
PAmRoads, Francis  19959917
PAmRoads, Francis  199710846-
PAmRoads, Francis - Talking *1978405-
PAmRobinson, Daffyd  199710716
PAmSeong-June, So Long, -! Part 1Matthews, Charles*199710848-
PAmSharpe, Ian  199710931
PAmSmith, Andrea  199710922-
PAmSmith, Paul  199710922-
PAmStacey, Terry  1987693
PAmStacey, Terry (obit)Barty, Jim*1988725
PAmStone, Ron (obit)Smith, Alan*1980474
PAmTaguchi Teruko (obit)  199811220
PAmTelfer, Graham  19961046
PAmTobin, Norman  1991854
PAmWakata Koichi  199610215
PAmWedding, Go - *19949511
PAmWedding, Wessex -Timmins, Brian**199710931
PAmWessex WeddingTimmins, Brian**199710931
PAmWilcox, Bruce  19928640-
PAmWilcox, Bruce  19949511
PAmWilcox, Sue  19949511
PAmWimmer, Manfred (obit)  199510045
Phi19x19, Why -?Roads, Francis*19711310-
PhiAccomplishments, Chinese -  19815321
PhiAdvice from a Japanese Go Player to a Foreigner **19742311
PhiBoard Size  19711310-
PhiBuddhist Philosophy, Go and -Cobb, William S.**19959822
PhiChinese Accomplishments  19815321
PhiImagery of GoSutton, David*19742512-
PhiJapanese Go Player, Advice from a - to a Foreigner **19742311
PhiOdd Notes on GoFairbairn, John*1971152-
PhiPhilosophy, Go and Buddhist -Cobb, William S.**19959822
PhiSins of Go, The Seven Deadly -Taylor, Bill*199710648-
PhiTao of Go, The -Sutton, David*19959951

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