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by Date, 1995-6

 British Go Journal Lit19951003
*Years AgoAtkins, TonyCou19951004
 British Go History Cou19951004
 History, British Go - Cou19951004
 Japanese Go History Cou19951004
 History, Japanese Go - Cou19951004
 Mnisek pod Brdy (EGoC 1965) T6519951004
 European Go Congress 1965 T6519951004
 Krems (EGoC 1975) T7519951004
 European Go Congress 1975 T7519951004
 Terschelling (EGoC 1985) T8519951004
 European Go Congress 1985 T8519951004
*Go Bores of TodayManning, TobyHum19951004
*Japanese Go, Four Hundred Years of -. Part 16Grant, AndrewCou19951005-
 Shusaku PHs19951005-
 Ota Yuzo PHs19951005-
 Shusaku v. Gennan Inseki (1846) GH119951005-
 Gennan Inseki v. Shusaku (1846) GH119951005-
*International Go ServerMarxer, HermannCNw19951007-
 Internet Go Server CNw19951007-
 Problem Tec199510010-
 Problem Yos199510010-
 Problems Mid199510011
*Ego1: A ReviewWedd, NickCPl199510011-
*Case of the Wrong Japanese, The -Atkins, TonyT95199510013
 Isle of Man Go Congress 1995 T95199510013
*Kyu Games Commented. Part 1Hall, T. MarkGam199510014-
 Barnard, Paul v. Mellor, Paul GEv199510014-
 Mellor, Paul v. Barnard, Paul GEv199510014-
 Barnard, Paul v. Adams, Colin GEv199510016-
 Adams, Colin v. Barnard, Paul GEv199510016-
 Barthropp, Stuart v. Barnard, Paul GEv199510018
 Barnard, Paul v. Barthropp, Stuart GEv199510018
*Learning GoPuxty, JohnTch199510019-
 Studying Master Games Tch199510019-
 Master Games, Studying - Tch199510019-
*PricesMills, GerryCpy199510020
*Wanstead Rip-off, A -Roads, FrancisPsy199510021
*Japanese, Basic - for Reading Go Problem BooksHunter, RichardLan199510022-
 Japanese-English Translation Guide Lan199510022-
 English-Japanese Translation Guide Lan199510022-
 Translation Guide, Japanese-English - Lan199510022-
*Best Games, Ten -. Part 8Terry, BobGam199510025-
 Meijin Title 1973 T73199510025-
 Ishida Yoshio v. Rin Kaiho (Meijin Title 1973, Game 4) GEv199510025-
 Rin Kaiho v. Ishida Yoshio (Meijin Title 1973, Game 4) GEv199510025-
*Quirk in the Corner, A -Matthews, CharlesYos199510026
*Tuchola (EGoC 1995) and WhyJones, AlisonT95199510027
 European Go Congress 1995 T95199510027
*Squeeze PlaysBarnard, PaulTec199510028
*Youth Go Championship (1995) WinnersChetwynd, JonathanT95199510029
 British Youth Championship 1995 T95199510029
*Dan Game from Poland, A - Gam199510030-
 Tuchola (EGoC 1995) T95199510030-
 European Go Congress 1995 T95199510030-
 Passow, Adrian v. Mizessyn, Francois (EGoC 1995) GEv199510030-
 Mizessyn, Francois v. Passow, Adrian (EGoC 1995) GEv199510030-
*Problem "100"Atkins, TonyL+D199510031
*Monkey Jump Workshop. Part 5Hunter, RichardL+D199510034-
*Time, More About -Jones, AlisonTCd199510037
*Cover Competition ResultTimmins, BrianPub199510037
 Handicap Stones, Placement of - Rul199510038
 Time Limits TCd199510038
 Female Players Ply199510038-
 Bagot, Bob PAm199510040
*Kyu Game from Poland, A -Schuster, Malte et alGam199510042
 Tuchola (EGoC 1995) T95199510042-
 European Go Congress 1995 T95199510042-
 Steininger, Anton v. Kouznetsov, M. (EGoC 1995) GEv199510042
 Kouznetsov, M. v. Steininger, Anton (EGoC 1995) GEv199510042
*Wanstead Wanderings: Tuchola (EGoC) 1995Roads, FrancisT95199510043-
*Go Kiburi Goes on StrikeBailey, SteveHum199510044
*EGF AGM (1995): Main Points EGF199510045
 EGF AGM 1995 EGF199510045
 AGM 1995, EGF - EGF199510045
 Kilinc, Alpar (obit) PAm199510045
 Wimmer, Manfred (obit) PAm199510045
 Mattern, Jurgen (obit) PAm199510045
*Time, Using Our - Wisely?Bagot, BobGam199510046-
 Candidates Tournament 1995 T95199510046-
 Ward, David v. Bagot, Bob (Candidates Tournament 1995) GEv199510046-
 Bagot, Bob v. Ward, David (Candidates Tournament 1995) GEv199510046-
*Schools Go. Part 2Atkins, TonyTou199510047
 British Schools Team Championship Tou199510047
 British Schools Team Championship 1995 T95199510047
*IGS, Replay Over -Marxer, HermannGam199510050-
 Internet Go Server CNw199510050-
 Wangwi Title 1995 T95199510050-
 Cho Hun-hyun v. Choi Kyu Byung (Wangwi Title 1995) GEv199510050-
 Choi Kyu Byung v. Cho Hun-hyun (Wangwi Title 1995) GEv199510050-
*Squeeze Plays SolutionsBarnard, PaulTec199510052
**History of the British Go JournalRoads, FrancisLit199510053-
**British Go Journal, History of the -Roads, FrancisLit199510053-
 British Go History Cou199510053-
 History, British Go - Cou199510053-
*Monkey Jump AnswersHunter, RichardL+D199510056-
 Candidates Tournament 1995 T95199510059
 Bracknell Tournament 1995 T95199510059
 Challengers League 1995 T95199510059
 Edinburgh (Scottish Open 1995) T95199510059-
 Scottish Open 1995 T95199510059-
 British Youth Championship 1995 T95199510060
 British Schools Team Championship 1995 T95199510060
 British Small Board Championship 1995 T95199510060
 Small Board Championship 1995, British - T95199510060
 Leicester Tournament 1995 T95199510060-
 Barmouth (Welsh Open 1995) T95199510061
 Welsh Open 1995 T95199510061
 World Amateur Championship 1995 T95199510061
 European Grand Prix 1994/95 T95199510061
 Kazan Tournament 1995 T95199510061
 Bled Tournament 1995 T95199510061
 Milan Tournament 1995 T95199510061
 Budapest Tournament 1995 T95199510061
 Amsterdam Tournament 1995 T95199510061
 Hamburg Monkey Jump 1995 T95199510061
 Japanese Tournaments 1995 T95199510062
**Financial Aid for Tournaments Tou19951013
**Tournaments, Financial Aid for - Tou19951013
*Hazelden, Tim (obit)Manning, Toby et alPAm19951015
*British Championship 1995Macfadyen, MatthewT9519951016-
 Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 1) GEv19951016-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Zhang S. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 1) GEv19951016-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Zhang S. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 2) GEv19951018-
 Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 2) GEv19951018-
 Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 3) GEv19951019-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Zhang S. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 3) GEv19951019-
 Swindon Tournament 1995Macfadyen, MatthewT95199510111
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Zhang S. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 4) GEv199510112-
 Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 4) GEv199510112-
**BGA Books LtdMills, GerryCpy199510114
**Books Ltd, BGA -Mills, GerryCpy199510114
*BGA PrivatisationAtkins, TonyHum199510115
*Go KiburiRoads, FrancisHum199510115
*Indexer, A Word from the -Fassbender, JochenInf199510116
 British Go Journal IndexFassbender, JochenLit199510116
 Index, British Go Journal -Fassbender, JochenLit199510116
*Best Games, Ten -. Part 9Terry, BobGam199510117-
 Kisei Title 1978 T78199510117-
 Kato Masao v. Fujisawa Shuko (Kisei Title 1978, Game 7) GEv199510117-
 Fujisawa Shuko v. Kato Masao (Kisei Title 1978, Game 7) GEv199510117-
*Tales from the Wild South WestHunt, PaulClb199510119-
 West Cornwall Club Clb199510119-
 Cornwall Club, West - Clb199510119-
 West Cornwall Go Promotion 1995 Pub199510119-
 Cornwall Go Promotion 1995, West - Pub199510119-
*Poetry, Go - Hum199510121
*Space, Go in -Daniel, RogerHum199510121
*GoEllul, SophiaHum199510121
*Northern Tie-breakerHall, T. MarkGam199510122
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1995) T95199510122
 Northern Go Congress 1995 T95199510122
 Rickard, John v. Hall, T. Mark (Northern Go Congress 1995) GEv199510122-
 Hall, T. Mark v. Rickard, John (Northern Go Congress 1995) GEv199510122-
*MemorabiliaWiddicombe, TomTch199510123
*Proverbs, Go -. Part 1Roads, FrancisTec199510124-
 Contact Move Tec199510124-
 Hane Tec199510124-
 Hane at the Head of Two or Three Stones Tec199510124-
 Empty Triangle Tec199510125-
 Compact Groups of Stones Tec199510126
 Eye-stealing Tesuji Tec199510126-
 Tesuji, Eye-stealing - Tec199510126-
 Three in a Row Tec199510127
 Extension Tec199510127-
 Strike at the Shoulder Tec199510128
 Shoulder, Strike at the - Tec199510128
*Tale-piece Hum199510128
*Hazelden, First Tim - Memorial Go Tournament (1995) T95199510129
 Three Peaks Tournament 1995 T95199510129
 Hazelden, Tim - Memorial Fund  199510129
*Monkey Jump Workshop. Part 6Hunter, RichardTec199510132-
 Female Players Ply199510137
 Three Peaks Tournament 1995 T95199510137
 Time Limits TCd199510137-
 Flexible Komi TCd199510138
 Komi, Flexible - TCd199510138
 Internet Go Server CNw199510138
 Games of Go on DiskHall, T. MarkCNp199510138
 Competitive Aspect Psy199510138
*Japanese Go, Four Hundred Years of -. Part 17Grant, AndrewCou199510139-
 Edo Go, End of - Cou199510139-
 Shuei v. Ito Showa (1870) GH1199510139
 Ito Showa v. Shuei (1870) GH1199510139
*Woodcutter's Tale, The -Goss, SimonHum199510140-
*Many Faces of GoWedd, NickCPl199510142-
 Many Faces of Go Delux AddonFotland, DaveCPl199510143-
*Print, Go in -Walters, WayneLit199510145
 Chung KuoWingrove, DavidLit199510145
 Game of Wei-Chi, The -Pecorini, Daniele et alLit199510145
 Tojo, The Last BanzaiBrowne, CourtneyLit199510145
*Dan List Ply199510145
*Kyu Games Commented. Part 2Hall, T. MarkGam199510146-
 Shrewsbury Tournament 1995 T95199510146-
 Bailey, Steve v. Wedd, Nick (Shrewsbury Tournament 1995) GH1199510146-
 Wedd, Nick v. Bailey, Steve (Shrewsbury Tournament 1995) GH1199510146-
 Wedd, Nick v. Margetts, Paul (Shrewsbury Tournament 1995) GEv199510148-
 Margetts, Paul v. Wedd, Nick (Shrewsbury Tournament 1995) GEv199510148-
 Sharpe, Ian v. Wedd, Nick (Shrewsbury Tournament 1995) GEv199510151-
 Wedd, Nick v. Sharpe, Ian (Shrewsbury Tournament 1995) GEv199510151-
 European Grand Prix 1994/95 T95199510154
 Helsinki Tournament 1995 T95199510154
 Warsaw Tournament 1995 T95199510154
 Tuchola (EGoC 1995) T95199510154
 European Go Congress 1995 T95199510154
 European Championship 1995 T95199510154
 British Pair Go Tournament 1995 T95199510154-
 Pair Go Tournament 1995, British - T95199510154-
 Seattle/WA (US Go Congress 1995) T95199510154
 US Go Congress 1995 T95199510154
 North American Masters Tournament 1995 T95199510154
 World Youth Championship 1995 T95199510154-
 European Grand Prix 1995/96 T96199510155
 Brussels Tournament 1995 T95199510155
 Amsterdam (Obayashi Cup 1995) T95199510155
 Obayashi Cup 1995 T95199510155
 Copenhagen Tournament 1995 T95199510155
 World Open Computer Championship (FOST Cup 1995) T95199510155
 Computer Championship, World Open - (FOST Cup 1995) T95199510155
 FOST Cup (World Open Computer Championship 1995) T95199510155
 Anglo-Japanese Match 1995 T95199510155
 Japanese-Anglo Match 1995 T95199510155
 London (International Team Tournament 1995) T95199510155
 International Team Tournament 1995 T95199510155
 Devon Tournament 1995 T95199510155-
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1995) T95199510156
 Northern Go Congress 1995 T95199510156
 Milton Keynes Tournament 1995 T95199510156
 Shrewsbury Tournament 1995 T95199510156
 Wessex Tournament 1995 T95199510156
 Three Peaks Tournament 1995 T95199510156
 British Pair Go Tournament 1995 T95199510157
 Pair Go Tournament 1995, British - T95199510157
*Problem "100" SolutionAtkins, TonyL+D199510157
*Promotions Rat19961023
*British Championship 1995Macfadyen, MatthewT9519961024-
 Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 5) GEv19961024-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Zhang S. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 5) GEv19961024-
*Years AgoAtkins, TonyCou19961026
 Japanese Go History Cou19961026
 History, Japanese Go - Cou19961026
 British Go History Cou19961026
 History, British Go - Cou19961026
*NNGS, Introducing -Riper van, ErikCNw19961026
*Monkey Jump Workshop. Part 7Hunter, RichardL+D19961027-
**BGA Computer Go LibraryWedd, NickCom19961028
**Computer Go Library, BGA -Wedd, NickCom19961028
 Shareware Com19961028
 Kyu Games CNp19961028
 MGT for WindowsHui HuangCNp19961028
 SGViewHartling, TorstenCNp19961028
 File Formats, Go Game - Com19961028
*Proverbs, Go -. Part 2Roads, FrancisL+D199610210-
 Second Line Group L+D199610210-
 Third Line Group L+D199610211-
 Third Line Territory Str199610212
 Territory, Third Line - Str199610212
 Second Line Territory Str199610212-
 Territory, Second Line - Str199610212-
 Fourth Line Territory Str199610212-
 Territory, Fourth Line - Str199610212-
 Rectangular Six L+D199610213
 Comb Formation L+D199610213
 Carpenter's Square L+D199610214
 Studying Joseki Tch199610214
  Joseki, Studying - Tch199610214
*Teaching, Go - in 1996Macfadyen, MatthewTch199610214
*Giant Leap for Go, A -Margetts, PaulPAm199610215
 Space, Go in - Var199610215
 Barry, Dan PAm199610215
 Wakata Koichi PAm199610215
*Best Games, Ten -. Part 10Terry, BobGam199610216-
 Meijin Title 1981 T81199610216-
 Kato Masao v. Cho Chikun (Meijin Title 1981, Game 1) GEv199610216-
 Cho Chikun v. Kato Masao (Meijin Title 1981, Game 1) GEv199610216-
 Bouvet Island Cou199610217
 Flexible Komi TCd199610218
 Komi, Flexible - TCd199610218
**American DrawsRoads, FrancisTSy199610219
**Draws, American -Roads, FrancisTSy199610219
*Four Stone HandicapCann, DesmondGam199610220-
 Martin-Ross, Clive v. Court, Richard GH4199610220-
 Court, Richard v. Martin-Ross, Clive GH4199610220-
*Japanese Go, Four Hundred Years of -. Part 18Grant, AndrewCou199610222-
 Hoensha OHs199610222-
 Honinbo School OHs199610222-
 Shuei v. Shuho (1886) GH1199610222
 Shuho v. Shuei (1886) GH1199610222
**Perils of Capture Go, The -Hall, T. MarkTch199610223
**Capture Go, The Perils of -Hall, T. MarkTch199610223
*Monkey Jump Workshop. AnswersHunter, RichardL+D199610226-
*Gotools 1.3 for PCMacfadyen, MatthewCNp199610228
*International Pair Go Tournament 1995, The -Macfadyen, M. et alT95199610229
 International Amateur Pair Go Championship 1995 T95199610229
 Pair Go Championship 1995, International Amateur - T95199610229
*Kyu Games CommentedHall, T. MarkGam199610230-
 Reece, Jonathan v. Fearnley, Harry GH4199610230-
 Fearnley, Harry v. Reece, Jonathan GH4199610230-
*BGJ IndexBagot, BobLit199610234
 British Go Journal IndexFassbender, JochenLit199610234
 Index, British Go Journal -Fassbender, JochenLit199610234
*Grading Committee, The - And What it DoesMacfadyen, MatthewRat199610235
 British System of Promotion Points Rat199610235
 Promotion Points, British System of - Rat199610235
*Liberties, Counting -. Part 1Hunter, RichardAnl199610236-
 Semeai Anl199610236-
*Contact or Con-trickChetwynd, JonathanJos199610241
 Hoshi Joseki Jos199610241
  Joseki, Hoshi - Jos199610241
 Swindon Tournament 1995 T95199610242
 British Championship 1995 T95199610242
 Kisei Title 1996 T96199610242-
 West Surrey Teach-in 1995 Tch199610242-
 London Open 1995/96 T96199610243
 Furze Platt Tournament 1996 T96199610243-
 Wanstead Tournament 1996 T96199610244
 British Youth Championship 1996 T96199610244
 British Schools Team Championship 1996 T96199610244
 European Grand Prix 1995/96 T96199610244-
 Bucharest Tournament 1995 T95199610244
 Bratislava Tournament 1995 T95199610244
 Belgrade Tournament 1995 T95199610244
 Kharkov Tournament 1995 T95199610244
 Gothenburg Tournament 1995 T95199610244
 Zurich Tournament 1995 T95199610244-
 International Computer Championship 1995 T95199610245
 Computer Championship 1995, International - T95199610245
 Irish Handicap Tournament 1995 T95199610245
 European Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1995 T95199610245
 Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1995, European - T95199610245
 Kisei Title 1996 T96199610245
 Bank of China Cup Tournament 1996 T9619961033
*Middle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part1 Cho ChikunMid19961034-
*Japanese Go, Four Hundred Years of -. Part 19Grant, AndrewCou19961036-
 Shuei PHs19961036
 Shugen PHs19961036-
 Karigane Jun'ichi v. Shusai (1920) GH119961036-
 Shusai v. Karigane Jun'ichi (1920) GH119961036-
 Shusai PHs19961037
 Hiseikai Ass19961037
**Encyclopaedia of Life and DeathSutton, DavidCNp19961037-
**Life and Death, Encyclopaedia of -Sutton, DavidCNp19961037-
 British Go Journal IndexFassbender, JochenLit19961039
 Index, British Go Journal -Fassbender, JochenLit19961039
**Perils of PromotionHall, T. MarkPsy19961039
**Promotion, Perils of -Hall, T. MarkPsy19961039
*Go Kiburi is WidowedBailey, PaulineHum19961039
*Leicester (Tournament) 1995, Three Games from -Collinson, Mark et alGam199610310-
 Leicester Tournament 1995 T95199610310-
 Collinson, Mark v. Holton, Matthew (Leicester Tournament 1995) GEv199610310-
 Holton, Matthew v. Collinson, Mark (Leicester Tournament 1995) GEv199610310-
 Quinn, Garry v. Collinson, Mark (Leicester Tournament 1995) GEv199610311-
 Collinson, Mark v. Quinn, Garry (Leicester Tournament 1995) GEv199610311-
 Healey, Kirsty v. Collinson, Mark (Leicester Tournament 1995) GEv199610312-
 Collinson, Mark v. Healey, Kirsty (Leicester Tournament 1995) GEv199610312-
*San-san Worries. Part 1Matthews, CharlesJos199610314-
 Modern Joseki and FusekiSakata EioLit199610314
  Joseki, Modern - and FusekiSakata EioLit199610314
 Fuseki, Modern Joseki and -Sakata EioLit199610314
*Widow, On Being a Go -McKendry, IrenePly199610316
*Handicap Game, How to Control a -Fassbender, JochenGam199610317
 Canterbury (EGoC 1992) T92199610317
 European Go Congress 1992 T92199610317
 Fassbender, Jochen v. Nakayama Noriyuki (EGoC 1992) GH5199610317
 Nakayama Noriyuki v. Fassbender, Jochen (EGoC 1992) GH5199610317
**BGA Computer Go LibraryWedd, NickCom199610318-
**Computer Go Library, BGA -Wedd, NickCom199610318-
 Shareware Com199610318-
 YagoLambot, DenisCNp199610318
 SGViewHartling, TorstenCNp199610318-
 IGS Games CNp199610318
 Professional Games, Ten Commented - CNp199610318
*Game of Wei-Chi, The -Fearnley, HarryLit199610319
*Kyu Games CommentedHall, T. MarkGam199610320-
 Reece, Jonathan v. Fearnley, Harry GH4199610320-
 Fearnley, Harry v. Reece, Jonathan GH4199610320-
*Liberties, Counting -. Part 2Hunter, RichardAnl199610326-
 Semeai Anl199610326-
*Capturing Game, In Defence of the -Cobb, William S.Tch199610332
*Proverbs, Go -. Part 3Roads, FrancisStr199610333-
 Key Point L+D199610333
 Urgent Point Str199610333-
 Big Point Str199610333-
 Moyo Str199610334
 Ponnuki Tec199610334-
 Turtle Shell Tec199610334-
 Ladder Tec199610335-
 Thickness Str199610336-
 Wall Str199610336-
 Sabaki Str199610337-
*Photograph, Front Cover - Art199610338
*Territorial StrategyHall, T. MarkGam199610339-
 Candidates Tournament 1996 T96199610339-
 Hall, T. Mark v. Brakes, Bill (Candidates Tournament 1996) GEv199610339-
 Brakes, Bill v. Hall, T. Mark (Candidates Tournament 1996) GEv199610339-
 Oxford Tournament 1996 T96199610341
 Cambridge Tournament 1996 T96199610341
 Coventry Tournament 1996 T96199610341-
 Thames Valley Team Tournament 1996 T96199610342
 Durham (British Go Congress 1996) T96199610342-
 British Go Congress 1996 T96199610342-
 Teachers Day 1996 Tch199610343-
 Candidates Tournament 1996 T96199610344
 Not-the-Candidates Tournament 1996 T96199610344
 European Grand Prix 1995/96 T96199610344-
 Dublin (Irish Open 1996) T96199610344-
 Irish Open 1996 T96199610344-
 Freiburg Tournament 1996 T96199610345
 Prague Tournament 1996 T96199610345
 Milan Tournament 1996 T96199610345
 Vienna Tournament 1996 T96199610345
 Paris Tournament 1996 T96199610345
 European Ing Cup 1996 T96199610345
 Ing Cup 1996, European - T96199610345

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